Asylon Media Kit

The brand assets contained on this page are updated on an ongoing basis. Press may contact Asylon’s marketing team at any time for inquiries. For information, contact

The Asylon Brand

These guidelines outline how we can use Asylon brand elements to unify our company’s image.

When these elements are repeatedly used together, they become the foundation for telling the stories of our brand, our products, our services, and our people.


A consistent and easily identifiable look helps maximize brand impact. It is important not to experiment with variations of the logo.

Logo Ratio

As a general rule, the standard logo ratio shall always be 3.5:1. For a logo 100 pixels tall, it shall measure 350 pixels wide.

Logo Spacing

Always remember to allow proper padding around the Asylon logo to prevent interference with other graphic elements.

As shown on the right, use a minimum clear space around the logo equivalent to the thickness of the line stroke (see “n”).

Correct use against light background
Correct use against dark background
Correct spacing

Imagery & Brand Assets

Access our brand asset folder to get see our full image library for your use.

A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradisematic country, in which roasted parts of sentences


The hierarchy to the right shows their order of use. In most cases, white should be the dominant color in visual communication. Asylon Red is the most typical color used in branding design elements.

Asylon Red Accent and Asylon Dark are supportive color elements, used primarily in accent or background environments.

Our brand colors must always appear at full strength and may not be darkened, lightened or displayed transparently.

As shown on the right, use a minimum clear space around the logo equivalent to the thickness of the line stroke (see “n”).

Asylon Red


Asylon Red Accent


Asylon Dark




Main Text


Light Text



Good Times Regular is Asylon’s primary font for all headings. When people see this font they should think of Asylon.

In situations where a simpler heading font is intended, Eurostile LT can be used as an alternate.

Trade Gothic is the primary font for all body copy. It is an unassuming font that will emphasize the message first and foremost.