Security Drones – The DroneSentry

Security drones provide organizations with the fastest response to alarms and emergencies. These mobile “eye-in-the-sky” systems provide rapid real-time aerial situational awareness and act as a major force multiplier for existing systems and operations.

Advance Your Capabilities with Automated Security Drones

Aside from offering an unprecedented aerial and mobile vantage point, live EO/IR video monitoring, and advanced data analytics, drones don’t call in sick, pose an insider threat, or incur a significant liability. Drones are a game changer. This technology unlocks automation and begins the process of modernizing security operations.

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DroneSentry Capabilities

Automated Aerial Security Patrols

Pre-Programmed Response Missions

Live 24/7 Remote Video Monitoring

EO/IR (Thermal) Camera Payloads

Automated Battery Swap for Mission Readiness

FAA Compliance & Expertise

Modular Design for Various Payloads

Designed, Engineered, and Manufactured in America

A Closer Look at DroneSentry

The Best Technology. Zero Compromises.

Flight Specifications
  • Max Speed: 35.8 MPH (16m/s)
  • Maximum Flight Time (Nominal Payload): 25 min
  • Max Wind Resistance: 40mph
  • IP Rating: IP45
  • Data Encryption: 256-bit AES
  • Nominal Transmission Distance: 1km+ Tested
  • Video Downlink: 5.8 GHz
  • Open-Source RC Protocol
  • ASTM-compliant Parachute Recovery System (PRS)
  • Night Ops Compliant Strobe: DS-30-1 Series
  • ADS-B: Receiver-Only Ready
  • Payload (Electro-Optical): 720p
  • Payload (Infared): 640×480
  • Electro-Optical Payload (Zoom): 40x (x20 + x2 Digital)
Comprehensive Capabilities
  • Click-and-Drag Mission Planning
  • Historical Analysis
  • Role-Based Access Controls
  • Multi-Site Operation
Real-Time Monitoring

Access and monitor security alarms, responses, and missions live from anywhere in the world.

Day or Night Surveillance

With a mobile vantage point from the sky, track security threats in real-time at any time of the day or night.


Training takes minutes, not weeks. Easily manage and control some of the most sophisticated drone technology in the world with just a couple of clicks.

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