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We operate our own 24/7 Robotic Security Operations Center (RSOC) to give our clients superior service, expert access, and real-time mission assurance. Any time.

Asylon ensures customer success from start to finish. We understand the criticality that effective security operations play into maintaining smooth operations of your entire organization. 

Aside from the superior hardware/software systems we provide to support your efforts to modernize operations, we provide 24/7 remote monitoring, teleoperation, and real-time mission assurance. Operating day or night out of our Robotic Security Operations Center, our expert team is there to enhance and modernize your existing systems.

Our focus on end-to-end expert service makes us the only full-service American robotic perimeter security company in the world.

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The World’s First Robotic Security Operations Center

Expert Service. Mission Assurance. Superior Intelligence.


Full-service disaster response GSOC teleoperation for business continuity

Continuous software upgrades as new threats and capabilities emerge

Remote command and control by trained Asylon robotic security experts

Use historical data to build a security model around AI/ML

24/7 operational support and mission assurance

Integration with advanced alarms, sensors, and systems

Tiered user permissions and access controls

Custom reporting and data analytics

Robotic Hardware, Operated by Software, Powered by People

The Best. Zero Compromises.

Drone IQ
Proven Operations

Asylon has performed more than 10,000 autonomous missions for its customers. Safety, performance, and value are our top priorities.

Real-Time Monitoring

Access the monitoring feeds of multiple sites directly and work with our trained security experts to ensure business continuity.

Access Controls

Easily create tiered user permissions and access controls for your personnel to securely manage data. We take data security very seriously and will work with you directly to identify the best options.

Premium Customer Support

We build hardware and software, but we’re a service company. A phenomenal customer experience from day 1 is essential to us.

Harness the power of robotic security

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