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What are the benefits of Robotic Perimeter Security?

Increase Brand Equity

Reduce Crime, Increase Safety

Reduce Spend, Increase Capability

Increase Innovation, Deliver Value


Hiring quality personnel is becoming more and more difficult for the security industry. Prioritize consistency, reliability, and predictability.


Quarterly software updates and continual hardware updates provide increasing capabilities.


Whether it's one site or one hundred, security robotics scale with your business needs.


Operate and monitor security robotics from anywhere in the world. These are automated IoT systems that are connected in real-time.

With End-to-End Service

An industry-first 24/7 Robotic Security Operations Center

Selected by Trusted Partners:

“Our company is innovating across the board. The security program is no different and has already seen significant changes. With all that’s going on in the world right now, if you’re not participating in the development of these programs and systems, then you are at a disadvantage. However, through our partnership with Asylon, we’re able to prioritize reliability, scalability, and upgradeability in the security technology space which allows us to better plan for the future.

Automated drones and robotics are an absolute game changer and allow us to address many of our requirements for detecting, deterring, and safely responding to potential criminal activity. These systems have already shown measured success at decreasing unwanted criminal activity and increasing safety. As we continue our partnership with Asylon, we are confident in the continued success. Asylon has been a tremendous partner as we innovate and continue to develop these innovative programs!”

Director of Security

Global Supply Chain Management Company

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