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Our Specialties

Our American-made, full-service solutions have been used in more than 125,000 robotic security missions to enhance site security, safety, and efficiency. We offer the highest quality robotic security services to deliver the best possible value.

Security Robots

DroneDog improves facility security through human-monitored perimeter tours and alarm response missions, ensuring a consistent and reliable security presence.

Security Drones

The Asylon DroneSentry Program is built upon tens of thousands of successful security missions, 6+ years of field experience, and 9+ BVLOS waivers received to date.

24/7/365 RSOC

Trained robotic security operations center (RSOC) analysts for 24/7/365 remote monitoring, teleoperation, customer support, and more.


The DroneDog and DroneSentry advanced security system is an example of how we’re leveraging technology to boost our 24/7 security presence and protect our people and our customer’s products. GXO is committed to innovating in all areas of our business, and the integration of advanced technologies is a vital part of our strategy to improve safety, security, efficiency, sustainability, and resilience.

Thomas NelsonGXO Logistics, Senior Director of Security

Since the implementation of DroneDog in our Home Depot Backyard, not only have we seen occurrences of theft and vandalism drop to zero but we have also increased the safety for our employees.

Greg OverstreetSr. Director, Security

As an American UAS security company who has partnered with the FAA on various programs and initiatives, Asylon has been proving the use-case and is set to expand and help lead the UAS security industry in complex operations.

Dan ElwellFormer FAA Deputy and Acting Administrator

Leveraging highly effective and efficient hardware/software has not only resulted in cost savings but also opened avenues for reinvestment back into the workforce or new technologies. This helps ensure a harmonious blend of quality human expertise and technological prowess. That’s why we chose to use DroneDogs.

Paul B.Sr. Director of Physical and Technical Security

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