The Robotic Impact

Asylon is automating security operations with robots, sensors, and data. Customers and partners like Ford, FedEx, and the U.S. Air Force are leveraging Asylon’s robotic perimeter security and automation platform for cost-saving and double-digit ROI.

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What is Robotic Perimeter Security?

The leveraging of aerial and/or ground robotics as part of formal perimeter security operations. Robotic perimeter security includes a central command station and involves security robots for automated response protocols, pre-programmed patrol missions, and/or manual mission setting.


01. Deploy Ground and Aerial Drone Assets


02. Easily Program Patrol and Response Mission Sets


03. Remotely Monitor, Respond, and Report

Businesses adopting robotic automation
Typical Labor Costs after Switching to Robotics and Automation
Experience the Impact of Automation and Modernization

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Automate Your Patrols

Easily configure custom patrols and mission sets that reflect your organization’s security objectives. Work directly with our team of experts to define a program set that works best for you.

Modernize Your Security Operations

Modern security requires modern solutions. Asylon combines robotics, sensors, data analytics, automation, AI, and teleoperation to provide key elements for the security operations center of the future.

At Asylon, we’ve built the security operations center of the future. We’re changing the way our customers protect their facilities. By providing an end-to-end service to automate observe and report guard posts, we’re able to ensure, dollar-for-dollar, that our customers receive maximum ROI as they begin the modernization process.

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Harness the Power of Robotic Security

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