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How to Tackle Physical Security’s Biggest 2022 Pain Points Webinar

February 15, 2022

Security education doesn’t have to be boring. Learn best practices for tackling security’s 2022 pain points from engaging end-users and security experts.

From guarding shortages to supply chain issues, physical security is in dire need to adapt old strategies with modern tools and methodologies. What new security strategies can corporations employ to remain competitive, create safer facilities, protect assets better, and foster a culture of innovation within the organization?


Join the Sr. Director of Global Security Transformation of CEVA Logistics, the Head of Strategy and Innovation for the Security Executive Council, and the Chief Revenue Officer of Asylon Robotics in a roundtable discussion about how security professionals are innovating to tackle some of the biggest problems in 2022.


Stick around for some fun, too, as Mark Landry challenges our very own Michael Quiroga to a DroneDog race!



Mark Landry, CEVA Logistics

Francis D’Addario, Security Executive Council

Michael Quiroga, Asylon

DroneDog Product Capability Full-Length Demo with Obstacle Course Racing (Rivian Automotive vs. Asylon)

December 15, 2021

We created the DroneDog system to help security practitioners create safer facilities. With live video monitoring, remote teleoperation, daytime/nighttime cameras, automated charging, and more, DroneDog makes perimeter security easier by bringing the power of advanced robotics to the security operations center (SOC).


We partnered with Boston Dynamics, creators of the Spot quadruped unmanned ground vehicle (Q-UGV), to create this system. Boston Dynamics has focused on creating robots with advanced mobility for 30 years and their Spot robot has been purposefully designed to be a platform. Building off of the Spot platform, the complete DroneDog system includes a DogHouse, PupPack, and integration into our DroneIQ software for remote command and control.


While most ground security robots run on wheels or tracks, DroneDog’s leg design allows it to travel over uneven and unpredictable terrain with organic, life-like motion. Organizations can even have multiple DroneDogs working in combination to employ an automated security task force to guard their locations 24/7.

Next Generation SOC Analyst Tools – Drones and Robots with Computer Vision Webinar

July 7, 2021

Security operation center (SOC) analysts are overburdened, but there are technologies like AI-enabled robotics that are poised to radically improve the efficiencies of security operations.


This is a pressing need. More than half of surveyed SOC analysts report that they are not properly equipped to deal with new and emerging threats or have the necessary tools to appropriately respond. This can leave a gaping hole in an organization’s ability to manage risk and ensure business continuity.

Although automated technologies now exist, manual processes are commonplace and exacerbate the issue, placing even more of a burden on the analysts. Nearly 75% of SOC analysts spend hours, even days, manually investigating a single threat when edge AI deployed on a robotic device can cut that time by 90%. While investing many resources into a single threat, a third of prioritized alerts fail to be investigated as additional alerts are received, while another third of alerts are false positives.


New technologies like security drones, robots, advanced sensors, and computer vision are now revolutionizing the way that security intelligence is automatically gathered, displayed, and prioritized. The leveraging of these technologies and their further integration into security operations will re-shape traditional observe and report positions while increasing demand for highly-trained SOC analysts. Entirely new proactive workflows will be created to increase both security and efficiency for organizations.


In this roundtable, experts in the field will be discussing the role technology and AI will have in creating the Security Workforce of the Future



Jim McDonald, VP of Global Security, Ceva Logistics
Logan Selby, Vice President of Operations, Asylon
Michael Liou, Vice President of Strategy & Growth, Chooch