Campus Environments

When responding to an active shooter or emergency situation, seconds matter. Aerial and ground robotics offer unprecedented first responder and safety capabilities for managing an emergency response.

Robotic Perimeter Security for Campus Environments

The ability to get rapid eyes in the air and transmit real-time intelligence has become a valuable tool for stakeholders in campus environments. Whether it’s to provide ISR for an active shooter scenario or inspecting a crucial business asset such as an AC unit, aerial robotics is driving value across the board.

An aerial view of a college campus taken with a drone.
An aerial view of a college campus taken with a drone.

Safe, Remote Response and Intelligence

Active shooter threats are a common consideration for security teams at corporate campuses. Because of these dangerous situations, it’s critical to ensure the safety of employees while safely resolving the threat. Advanced unmanned aerial and ground robotics enable security teams to safely access real-time mobile intelligence in any situation.

Additionally, regular unmanned security patrols outperform 24/7 guard posts and effectively reduce theft while ensuring the safety of your employees. Because security robots do not get sick, act as a significant liability, or pose an insider threat, these advanced systems offer huge ROI to organizations as they modernize their security operations.

Bird's eye view of a neighboorhood taken with an Asylon security drone.
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DroneCore for Campus Environments

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