Robotic Perimeter Security

Military Bases & Installations

Robotics are ideal for the three D’s: Dull, Dirty and Dangerous tasks. As security robotics are as alert on the last patrol of the graveyard shift as they are on the first patrol of the day, they help ensure a reliable, safe, and predictable security posture.

Robotic Perimeter Security for the Military

Military bases require modern solutions for security. We’re proud to support and serve those who serve us by providing modern technology security solutions for Base of the Future initiatives.

Military personnel check footage provided by Asylon security products.
Military personnel check footage provided by Asylon security products.

Creating the Base of the Future

Asylon has multiple contracts with the military to modernize and operationalize security patrol robots. As Base Defense Operations Centers migrate from a decentralized approach to a centralized one, automated security robotics are playing a pivotal role in modernizing this process. By leveraging automated unmanned aerial and ground vehicles to provide superior remote intelligence, Security Forces are more resilient and better prepared for any situation.

For the first time, security operations have the ability to execute an active response to legacy passive sensors from a centralized remote command center. These types of remote monitoring and active response capabilities propel base security into the 21st century.

Bird's eye view of a facility taken a drone.
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DroneCore for the Military

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