Robotic Perimeter Security

Energy & Utility Facilities

Business continuity is essential for Energy & Utility sites. Rapid robotic response to an emergency situation helps ensure maximum up-time, inform a response to minimize risk, and increases safety.

Re-Think Energy and Utility Security

Security experts at energy and utility facilities are responsible for ensuring the integrity of vastly complex operations and protecting millions of dollars worth of assets. Every day.

As every day is an orchestration of various parts and pieces to make sure all operations continue smoothly, it’s a tough job. Automating makes it easier and safer. We’re interested in partnering with the best to make this tough job a little easier by adding consistency, dependability, and trust. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Compilation of a power plant and solar panels taken with drone.
Compilation of a power plant and solar panels taken with drone.

What can automated drones do to enhance my security posture?

A flying robotic camera with advanced AI capabilities does not take breaks, does not call in sick, does not get tired, and does not pose an insider threat.

Robotic security drones automate routine mundane tasks such as perimeter patrols and alarm verification while providing an unprecedented “Eye In The Sky” vantage point, equivalent to hundreds of fixed position CCTV cameras at a fraction of the cost.

Bird's eye view of a corporation using a drone for protection.
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DroneCore for Energy

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