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Asylon Media Kit

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What is Robotic Perimeter Security?

Robotic Perimeter Security is the use of unmanned aerial vehicles and/or unmanned ground vehicles as part of formal perimeter security operations. It involves a remote central command station and includes the use of these security robots for automated response protocols, pre-programmed patrol missions, and/or manual mission setting.

How do you actually automate security robots and drones?

As these security robots and drones are connected wirelessly to our DroneCore platform, the DroneIQ software we’ve developed allows for easy click-and-drag mission plan programming. No computer science or degree required. With only a few clicks, a security robot can be programmed to follow a set GPS path with the option to aim its EO/IR camera system exactly at your areas of interest. This can happen at a set time each day or in response to a particular alarm being triggered. If a sensor or legacy system triggers a particular alarm, the security robot will perform its pre-programmed function with the option to take over control from the software at any time. After each mission, the security robot or drone will return to its home base and will have the old battery autonomously swapped with a fresh one.

Why security robots?

Robotics are ideal for the three “D’s”: Dull, Dirty and Dangerous tasks. 99.9% of the time spent by a 24/7 guard post is repeating a mundane task in anticipation of the .1% anomaly. This opens up a natural progression to automation. Unlike its human counterpart, security robotics are as alert on the last patrol of the graveyard shift as they are on the first patrol of the day ensuring a reliable and predictable security posture. Ultimately, these intelligent machines can do their tasks even better with the actionable data they collect by applying AI and prescriptive analytics.

What has Asylon done when it comes to regulations and certifications for its unmanned aerial system (UAS)?

Our founding team includes a number of MIT grads from the aerospace industry. Regulations, compliance, and standards are a key focal point for the company. Asylon is fully Compliant with NDAA FY2020 Section 848 and Executive Order 13981, holds an Army Airworthiness Certificate, is FAA Part 107.29 approved, has been awarded over 9 beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS) waivers to date.

How many missions has Asylon done?

As of May, 2024, Asylon has done over 130,000 automated missions for its customers.

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Photo collage of Asylon security drone and security cameras with a monitor work station behind.
Photo collage of Asylon security drone and security cameras with a monitor work station behind.

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