Robotic Perimeter Security

Manufacturing & Industrial Facilities

Manufacturing & Industrial sites are the backbone of America. With unique site requirements, automated drones and ground robots are key to cost-saving and streamlining security operations, protecting critical assets and IP, and deterring crime. 

Re-Think Manufacturing and Industrial Security

Security experts at manufacturing and industrial facilities are responsible for ensuring the integrity of vastly complex operations and protecting millions of dollars worth of assets. Every day. 

Traditional security systems are based on antiquated, costly, and inefficient practices. When patching this security problem, organizations typically deploy more of the same guards or cameras to monitor larger areas.

Asylon built the DroneCore platform to leverage advanced drones and ground robotics systems, data, and AI to automate these antiquated, costly, and inefficient processes. By bringing these components together into an open-architecture and upgradeable platform, DroneCore begins the process of modernizing security operations and provides both immediate and long-term value.

Compilation of security images taken from the side and a bird's eye view.
Compilation of security images taken from the side and a bird's eye view.

What can automated drones do to enhance my security posture?

Manufacturing and Industrial facilities are no strangers to the benefits of automation and robotics. The advantages of early adoption of AI and robotics on the production line is a natural transition for manufacturers to adopt security robotics.

Robotic security drones automate routine mundane tasks such as perimeter patrols and alarm verification while providing an unprecedented “Eye In The Sky” vantage point, equivalent to hundreds of fixed position CCTV cameras at a fraction of the cost.

Bird's eye view of city buildings using a drone.
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DroneCore for Manufacturing

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