Security Drone Programs

Security drones enable the fastest response to alarms or emergencies and provide a consistent “eye-in-the-sky” patrol presence. As an end-to-end hardware/software solution developed by the experts at Asylon, the DroneSentry system provides rapid real-time aerial situational awareness and act as a major force multiplier to legacy systems and operations.

Advance Your Capabilities With Automated Security Drone Systems

Security drones offer many advantages, but unlocking those benefits at scale has historically been technologically impossible. When managing power, payload, data, and FAA regulations, manually operating a drone for even minor security concerns is humanly impossible. Full drone automation is the only way drones can be successfully integrated into your security operation. We accomplish this with our DroneSentry system.

DroneSentry is an end-to-end hardware/software system that enables full automation. With more than 25,000 automated patrol or alarm response missions completed, it’s the world’s most widely-used automated security drone system. And because every mission is live-streamed to the cloud, you can monitor your systems from anywhere.

We’re as proud of our technical feats as the operational processes we’ve put in place for our customers. Never before has there been an effective, end-to-end solution for automated security drones. 

The system includes pre-programmed or point-and-click piloting to provide unprecedented aerial and mobile vantage points, live EO/IR video monitoring, and advanced data analytics. And, with third party alarm integrations, the security drone system can investigate, clear, or escalate alarms. And the benefits don’t stop there; drones don’t call in sick, pose an insider threat, or incur significant liability. Robotic security is a game-changer on all fronts. This technology unlocks automation and begins the process of modernizing your security operations.

As an American-Made small business, we’re proud to support our customers and help them unlock the many benefits of our automated drone security systems. To learn more about how our scalable security solutions can advance your initiatives, request a demo to speak with one of our specialists today.

Visual representation on how a Security Drone operations from start to finish.

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DroneSentry Capabilities

Automated Aerial Security Patrols

Pre-Programmed Response Missions

Live 24/7 Remote Video Monitoring

EO/IR (Thermal) Camera Payloads

Automated Battery Swap for Mission Readiness

FAA Compliance & Expertise

Modular Design for Various Payloads

Designed, Engineered, and Manufactured in America

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A Closer Look at DroneSentry

The Best Technology. Zero Compromises.

Superior view of an Asylon security drone
Flight Specifications
  • Max Speed: 35.8 MPH (16m/s)
  • Maximum Flight Time (Nominal Payload): 25 min
  • Max Wind Resistance: 25mph
  • IP Rating: IP45
  • Autonomous Take-Off & Landing
  • Weatherization
  • Battery Swap
  • Cloud Connectivity
  • ASTM-compliant Parachute Recovery System (PRS)
  • Night Ops Compliant Strobe: DS-30-1 Series
  • ADS-B: Receiver-Only Ready
  • Payload (Electro-Optical): 720p
  • Payload (Infared): 640×480
  • Electro-Optical Payload (Zoom): 40x (x20 + x2 Digital)
Aerial view of FedEx trucks with Asylon security drone and Asylon DroneIQ software.
Comprehensive Capabilities
  • Click-and-Drag Mission Planning
  • Historical Analysis
  • Role-Based Access Controls
  • Multi-Site Operation
Real-Time Monitoring

Access and monitor security alarms, responses, and missions live from anywhere in the world.

Day or Night Surveillance

With a mobile vantage point from the sky, track security threats in real-time at any time of the day or night.


Training takes minutes, not weeks. Easily manage and control some of the most sophisticated drone technology in the world with just a couple of clicks.

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