Robotic Perimeter Security

Automated aerial and ground robotic security guard posts. We build the best and partner with the best to provide superior technology, capability, and service.

Automated Security Robots

Modernize Your Security Operations

Asylon’s DroneCore platform is built to power your security operations and manage advanced sensors, robotics, data, and mission sets. Combining aerial and ground security robots enables both short and long-term operational success. Automate or operate the world’s most advanced security robots to create the most efficient and data-driven security operations center of the future.


Outperform 24/7 guard posts

Access advanced data analytics

Receive continuous software upgrades

Patrol with thermal and electro-optical camera systems

Operate remotely, anywhere in the world

Inform a response with high-quality data

Use historical data to build a security model around AI/ML

Automate the dull, dirty, and dangerous jobs

A Closer Look

The Best Technology. Zero Compromises.

Aerial Robotics

Rapid First Response

In an emergency situation, immediately launch a drone to act as an aerial first responder and provide high-quality intelligence to inform a response.

Safe and Compliant

Our in-house experts ensure your automated drone program is safe and compliant. Our technology is built around the stringent requirements of the aerospace industry.

Data Security

Our drones are designed, engineered, and manufactured by us in Philadelphia, PA. We offer 256-bit AES data encryption to all of our customers.

Battery Swap Automation

Our drones take off from and land on our custom-built base station, DroneHome, for autonomous battery swapping to maximize response capabilities.

Ground Robotics


The DroneDog can easily navigate stairs, grass, gravel, rocky, hilly, and icy terrain

High Endurance

Automate entire perimeter sweeps with a 90 minute average battery life


Unlock artificial intelligence and immediate software upgrades with advanced, platform-based security solutions


Easily integrate multiple units for advanced perimeter security applications

Powered by Software

Comprehensive Capabilities
  • Click-and-Drag Mission Planning
  • Historical Analysis
  • Role-Based Access Controls
  • Multi-Site Operation
Quality Video Streaming

Remotely monitor large areas with both ground and aerial mobile EO/IR (thermal) cameras to outperform static and expensive PTZ camera networks.

Data Analytics

By using advanced robotics and sensors, data sets can begin to unlock artificial intelligence and prescriptive analytics

24/7 Access

We build hardware and software, but we’re a service company. We monitor operations 24/7 to ensure customers are in the best position to respond to security alarms and threats.

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