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Leading American-made security robotics company to support the mission by adapting its commercial DroneDog technology into a viable augmentation for Military Working Dogs

NORRISTOWN, PA: January 12, 2023 —

ASYLON Inc., the leading robotic security solutions provider, was awarded a Phase I Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract by AFWERX to explore the transition of its TRL9 commercial DroneDog security robot system for augmenting Military Working Dog (MWD) readiness and enhancing force protection.

With more than 10,000 miles patrolled for commercial clients, Asylon’s DroneDog is a high-endurance, agile, and durable quadruped uncrewed ground vehicle (Q-UGV) built to automate ground-based security patrols. The system leverages Boston Dynamics’ SpotⓇ robot along with Asylon’s custom-built PupPack, DogHouse, and DroneIQ Software. Additionally, with live video monitoring, remote teleoperation, daytime/nighttime cameras, automated charging, and more, DroneDog makes perimeter security easier by bringing the power of advanced robotics to the security operations center. The AFWERX award explores how advanced sensor technology and AI/ML technologies can enhance gate guard procedures by integrating them onto the existing Asylon DroneDog system. Specifically, these integrations include sniffing technologies for Explosives & Narcotics, License Plate Recognition Software, and Facial Recognition.

“This award presents a tremendous opportunity for Asylon to validate a significant problem set with detection dogs for both defense and commercial use-cases. If proven successful, these integrations would open a completely new market for our DroneDog system to enhance detection military robot dog use-cases around Air Force Bases and commercial facilities.”- Michael Quiroga, Chief Revenue Officer.

About Asylon

Asylon, Inc. is the leading air and ground robotic perimeter security company in the United States.  

Asylon partners with commercial and government entities to modernize traditionally inefficient security practices. Further, by providing customers with the most advanced, American-made, robotic security technology, Asylon helps to ensure that both government and private-sector companies can protect their people, assets, and profits against threats. With a remote 24/7/365 Robotic Security Operations Center (RSOC), they have teleoperated tens of thousands of security drone missions and patrolled thousands of miles with robotic security dogs.  Learn more by visiting or stay connected with Asylon at LinkedIn and YouTube.

AFWERX, a Technology Directorate of the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and the innovation arm of the Department Air Force, accelerates agile and affordable capability transitions by teaming innovative technology developers with Airman and Guardian talent. In AFWERX, AFVentures expands the Defense Industrial base for advanced technologies, Spark empowers Airmen and Guardian talent, and Prime drives transition to operational capability. Teaming across academia, industry, investment, interagency, and international partners is essential to expanding technology, talent, and transition of dual-use capabilities.

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