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Asylon and O.W.L. execute partnership and advanced integration to provide the future of autonomous security operations for enterprise customers.

New York, NY, November 14, 2018 – Asylon and O.W.L. are announcing that they have completed a formal partnership and advanced integration of their DroneCore Security and GroundAware Radar Systems.

Asylon’s DroneCore is a globally scalable autonomous A.I. powered security drone solution optimized for remote command and control. O.W.L.’s GroundAware radar facilitates an event-based layered security approach that can autonomously detect and track people, drones, vehicles, animals and planes in 360 degrees for miles away in real-time.

The combined integration of these best in class technologies are revolutionizing the security industry by providing the following features:

  • Autonomous Perimeter Patrols with People and Vehicle Detection
  • Counter UAS Detection, Tracking and Payload Verification
  • True 24/7 Robotic Remote Guarding
  • Create Geo-Fence Alarm Zones for Autonomous Video Verification and Active Response
  • Web-Based User Interface Giving Multiple Stakeholders the Ability to Log-In and Set Pre-Programmed Schedules.
  • Automated Alarm Notifications to Multiple Smart Devices

Providing autonomous rapid robotic eyes in the sky fused with 360-degree intelligent tracking and alarming is a paradigm shift to traditional security methodologies such as manned officers, CCTV, motion detectors and roving ground vehicle patrols. DroneCore integrated with GroundAware protects people, assets and profits better than traditional technologies as well as lowers and even replaces costly manned guard hours.

We will be proudly announcing the partnership between Asylon and O.W.L. during the ISC East trade show, where we will be attending together at Booth #758.

“The integration of these two systems provides unprecedented value to integrators and security operations personnel by enabling futuristic autonomous capabilities.” says Michael Quiroga, Asylon Chief Revenue Officer. “We are confident that 2019 will validate this partnership and integration with a number of initial deployments under way.”

ASYLON designs, engineers and manufactures the DroneCore System, the world’s most powerful fully autonomous persistent aerial asset. ASYLON was founded in 2015 by MIT engineers to automate the future of drone technologies, creating tomorrow’s aerial infrastructure today. Our team is made up of world-class experts in the autonomous drone space with over 50 years of combined military, civilian and commercial experience.

For additional information, please visit www.DroneCore.US or follow us @flyasylon on twitter.

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