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How Security Robots Can Boost the Physical Security Market

By January 24, 2022July 11th, 2022No Comments4 min read

The ever-changing nature of security threats facing industries means these organizations need to find effective ways to mitigate security risks. Security robots are increasingly used in security protocols, and are quickly taking over the modern security ecosystem.

With IoT devices, advanced sensors, and powerful cameras, industries are relying on the latest technology to boost security. The adoption of aerial and ground-based robotics into these measures is one of the most beneficial additions to any security system.

3 Reasons Security Robotics Adds Value to the Security Industry

Asylon DroneDogAs many sectors have gone through technological advancements in the past decade, robotics technology has also experienced a technological leap. Leading innovators in the security market such as Asylon are powering a positive change through automated security systems. These automated systems enable security professionals to deploy and configure security robots to remotely monitor the premises at any facility.

Solving the Labor Shortage with Robot Security Guards

Using automated systems helps in many ways, including helping to mitigate the effects of the current labor shortages. In the COVID era, access to a qualified and experienced security workforce is a challenge. Drones, robots, and other automated systems provide an effective solution to this problem.

In many instances, security robots are a valuable addition to traditional security officers. For instance, drones can provide a perspective previously unavailable to security officers. These systems aim to augment security services through their multi-domain security perspective. Organizations can now harness the power of security robotics to modernize their security operations, and achieve operational success when it comes to patrolling and monitoring.

Creating Development Opportunities for Employees

With each passing day, the capabilities of security robots are becoming more and more sophisticated. It’s safe to say that the future of security lies in security robots. One of the unique benefits of this trend is that it is creating a new type of skilled workforce. Some of the jobs that are being created include robotics technicians, operational assurance teams, robotic security operators, drone pilots, maintenance professionals, and more.

While the physical security market is considered a cost center, modern innovations such as security robotics are helping to change this. Not only does robot technology improve the return on investment, but also offers security talent an opportunity to learn and work alongside these technologies.

In many ways, robotic security is changing employment opportunities in security. These new technologies create new jobs focused on working with these security robots and maintaining them. Rather, security professionals can learn about the technology and work as subject matter experts to monitor and maintain security robots.

A way to describe the human-to-robot relationship is one where robots perform the dull, dirty, and dangerous jobs, and people oversee the complex operation.

Increasing Accuracy in All Conditions

Asylon DroneSentryPhysical security improves when using robots. For example, Asylon’s DroneDog is equipped with night vision that allows for effectively monitoring the nighttime environment. Nighttime vision, zoom functionality, and other advances that only technology can provide are making monitoring more efficient and effective.

When it comes to traditional security methods, false alarms have always been a concern. With a robot security guard, organizations can respond to alarms and correctly report the incident. Built-in analytics and classifiers can also be used to suggest suitable solutions to manage the situation.

Asylon’s Robotic Security Technology

Asylon understands the impact of aerial and ground robotics on the security industry. We provide solutions that can assist industries in modernizing security standards.

Through robotic dogs and drones, facilities can be remotely monitored 24/7. Combined with historical data reporting and analysis, our security devices (DroneSentry and DroneDog) can help organizations to minimize patrolling costs, and make the right security decisions at the right time.

The AI-powered intelligence of these robotics streamlines security operations—and the full-service response system—makes it easier to quickly deal with security situations.

The security robots market enables all organizations to perform ground patrolling and monitoring through advanced robots. With these new technologies, organizations can take their security to new heights. Automated security solutions can benefit organizations operating in manufacturing, logistics, energy, military, and any other industry where security is needed.

The future of security is in robots, and at Asylon we are leading the way. Contact us today to learn more about how we’re doing so responsibly and at scale for our customers.

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